How long will my carer stay?

The type of care each person will receive is completely dependant on the individuals needs. The carer can stay for as long as needed and will never rush. 30 minutes is the minimum stay.

How much experience do the carers have?

We believe everyone needs to start somewhere so we take on carers with no experience and give them extensive training and allow them to shadow the more experienced carers until they feel ready.

I have a complaint - who do I speak too?

If you are unhappy with any part of our service we would be grateful if you could send an email to administrator@christiecare.co.uk with all the details and we will aim to call you within 24 hours with a resolution.

Will I have the same carers every week?

We will try and keep the same carers to each client as much as possible to keep the familiarity and help the client feel comfortable. Where this is not possible due to training or staff holidays there may be differing carers. All carers will be able to see the clients profile so will know the interests and hobbies of each client to help form a bond.